Our Services

Key Immigration Consultants handle all your immigration needs with a licensed immigration adviser providing expert knowledge and advice on all temporary and permanent resident visa types.

From the initial consultation, our licensed adviser will advise you on the most appropriate type of visa for your situation. Once this is determined we will assist with the completion of application forms and preparation of supporting documentation then act on your behalf while Immigration New Zealand determine your application.

Our experience and knowledge of Immigration New Zealand instructions will assist in attempting to obtain a visa in a timely manner by ensuring that you are submitting all the correct information in the first instance. We will not be asking you to provide information that is irrelevant or unnecessary for your application, saving you both time and money.

Where additional advocacy is required, we will provide Immigration New Zealand with relevant details and information to support your case, whether you have an expired visa or a change in circumstances.

You can expect to know the costs associated with an application and our fees upfront and will be fully informed throughout the application process of the progress of your case.

Let Key Immigration Consultants take the stress and confusion out of the visa application process for you!


Immigration New Zealand have a large range of Visitor, Work or Student visa policies.

A Key Immigration Consultants licensed adviser will be able to advise what the most appropriate visa type is for your situation be it a short-term stay in New Zealand or a pathway to residence.


Key Immigration Consultants specialise in Skilled Migrant Category and Partnership residence applications. We will work to simplify what may appear to be complex immigration requirements to take the stress out of the process for you.

We also provide business and family visa advice for those wanting to reside in New Zealand permanently.


If you are in a situation where Immigration New Zealand has declined your visa application or your visa has expired and you need to regularise your status then contact Key Immigration Consultants for advice.

A licensed adviser with experience dealing with complex immigration situations is available to look at your individual circumstances and provide advice.